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Books by Friends

Could one of these be your next book?

The House on Harrigan's Hill: Claire Noonan
In the railroad outpost of Truckee, California the Edwards family struggles to survive the harsh mountain environment.  Based on true events, this touching novel follows the lives of the five Edwards children from Truckee and across the fabric of the early twentieth century.
The house on Harrigan's Hill
The Moment of Everything: Shelly King
Recently "involuntarily separated form payroll" , Maggie joins a Bay Area bookclub, even if it does mean having to read Lady Chatterly's Lover. The used edition she finds in the local second-hand bookshop where she whiles away her days contains notes in the margins. Maggie has found an old correspondence between lovers.
The Moment of Everything
Disbelieved: Skin and Bones CSIs: Beth Webb

Anelise sees crimes before they happen, but no-one believes her. 
Joe solves crimes. But the police don’t believe him either. 
When Anelise sees a cyclist plunging into a quarry she rings 999, but when help arrives there’s no cyclist 
Under the Almond Trees: Linda Ulleseit
Three strong women make their mark in Santa Cruz, California. In the 1860's Ellen Van Valkenburgh takes over running the family paper mill and fights for the right to vote. In the 1900's, her daughter-in-law, Emily, becomes an architect. In the 1930's Ellen's granddaughter, Eva, puts her daughter through college with the money from her own photography business.
Under the Almond Trees

The Gravity of Birds: Tracy Guzeman

Thomas Bayber painted a triptych of himself with sisters Alice and Natalie Kessler. Forty years later he wants to sell the painting but first he has to find the the sisters.

The Gravity of Birds
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